Our services for Cybersecurity

The EU has already formulated specific cybersecurity requirements for products. These define exactly which products are affected and what minimum requirements must be met for the product to be sold in the EU. Due to the explosive nature of the topic, other product areas and other countries will soon follow suit. We help you to bring your products to market in a compliant way!

Our "Fit for Cybersecurity" service for you is divided into three phases:

Phase 1: Assessment of risks regarding Cybersecurity for your product according to Radio Equipment Directive (RED) Article 3.3. D, E and F.

  • Evaluation of the new risks together with you
  • Qualification and test case planning of your product with our independent experts.
  • Preparation of the test requirements for the laboratory.

The first phase focuses on the new cybersecurity requirements and how they apply to your product. It also determines which RED article your product falls under: 3.3. D, E and/or F.


Phase 2: Testing of the test cases in our professional cyber lab.

The previously elaborated test requirements form the basis for the tests in the laboratory. Together with you we elaborate and concretize the requirement before the first tests can start.
During the test phase, the identified risks are minimized as far as possible and the results are documented in a test report.


Phase 3: Certification of your product by our Notified Body Radio Equipment Directive (RED)

In phase 3, you as the manufacturer prepare the technical documentation. The conformity of the technical documentation is evaluated by our Notified Body against the requirements of the RED. After successful testing, the Notified Body issues you an EU type examination certificate. This forms the basis of the manufacturer's EU declaration of conformity.

Once all three phases have been successfully completed, your product meets the new cybersecurity requirements.
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