PROFINET conformance test

The PROFINET communication standard in automation technology is based on Industrial Ethernet. PROFINET, the further development of the popular and widely used PROFIBUS system, plays a leading role within the various systems. Many manufacturers will implement this interface in their IO devices. To avoid any type of problems and incompatibilities during startup and continuous operation in an automation system, customers require a very high standard of functional quality for IO devices as well as conformance with the standard.

As a result, PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) has developed an IO device test, which can only be performed by authorized PI test laboratories. Phoenix Testlab, with its many years of experience in testing INTERBUS modules, is one such test laboratory. All required tests are carried out by professional engineers. The IO device test can also be performed during the development phase. Of course, it is also possible to perform standard-compliant EMC and environmental tests. Product certification can help with international approval. Phoenix Testlab offers all the necessary services from a single source.

Registration for a PROFINET conformance test

The requirements, necessary documents, and important information for a PROFINET conformance test are listed in the registration form below.

PROFINET conformance test registration form

Test contents

The complete PROFINET IO test is divided into five areas. The customer is only eligible to apply to the PI for a certificate if the IO device passes all the tests without problems.

State machine test

All state machines are tested using automatic controller simulation software. This guarantees reproducible testing with an extendable number of test scenarios.

Hardware test

The Ethernet controller of the IO device must meet the requirements of the applicable standards in terms of transmission speed, polarity, and crossing of cables.

Interoperability test

A key requirement of end users is that IO devices and IO controllers from different manufacturers work together in an automation system without any problems. Phoenix Testlab uses various PROFINET IO devices and controllers to test interoperability. The test setup is constantly being extended to incorporate a wider variety of devices.

GSD file test

The device description file is the basis for error-free configuration using configuration software. Automatic test software is used to test all entries offline.

These are the test cases prescribed and specified by the PI for a complete PROFINET conformance test. Phoenix Testlab GmbH can also perform tests in the fields of EMC, environmental simulation (e.g., vibration and temperature), radio, and electrical safety, as well as offering international approval management.

In combination with a PROFINET conformance test, attractive individual test packages can be offered. Further information on PROFINET can be found on the PROFIBUS User Organization website.

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