The electronic signature at Phoenix Testlab

For Phoenix Testlab, digital transformation is an central component of its strategic focus.

Therefore, Phoenix Testlab uses a digital platform that allows documents to be signed electronically. This enables signing contracts and other agreements quickly, conveniently and securely with an electronic signature. It's also very easy for our business partners to countersign agreements quickly and securely in the same media format at no extra cost to them.

What is an electronic signature?

Electronic signatures enable you to legally sign digital documents and replace paper based handwritten “wet” signatures. Electronic signatures, or e-signatures, are a broad category of methods for signing a record or a document. An electronic signature as defined by the EU Regulation No. 910/2014, also known as eIDAS Regulation, is data in electronic form which is attached to or logically associated with other data in electronic form and which is used by the signatory to sign.

For which documents can e-signatures be used?

e-Signatures can be used for all contracts, offers or documents between two companies where the applicable law is either US or EU law, as long as no explicit exception for hand written “wet” signatures is agreed on or required.

The electronic signature offers many advantages

advantages of electronic signatures
Time saving You just need an Internet connection to sign agreements quickly and easily from almost anywhere and on any device.
Cost saving An electronic signature saves printing and postage costs, and the documents don't have to be scanned once they have been signed.
Security Our provider is compliant with the eIDAS Regulation as well as certified standards in the USA and Europe. This means that your information is kept secure and is encrypted.
Transparency The current status of an agreement can be viewed and tracked by all the parties involved, providing everyone with the same degree of transparency.
Convenience The platform is very user-friendly and convenient. Simple explanations guide you through the process of signing the document.
Efficiency Contracts can be processed easily and stored without requiring additional manual steps. This frees up administrative resources.
Environmental friendly By no longer using printing material, packaging, and shipping, we save valuable resources.
Free use There is no extra cost to our business partners when they sign a document.

Which platform does Phoenix Testlab use?

Phoenix Testlab uses the leading e-signing platform of the company DocuSign for the electronic signature, which complies with the provisions of the eIDAS Regulation in the EU and the ESIGN and Uniform Electronic Transactions Act in the USA, as well as other numerous certified standards.

The web-based DocuSign platform is very user-friendly and therefore easy to operate. Clear explanations guide the signatory through the process.

For more information about DocuSign, please visit

The electronic signature replaces your signature in a legally secure way

Electronic signatures are valid and legally binding in many countries around the world, including the whole of the EU and US. DocuSign’s solutions enable you to sign electronically and go beyond the stringent requirements of the eIDAS Regulation in the EU and the ESIGN Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act in the United States. eIDAS, the EU Regulation for Electronic Identification and Trust Services was implemented by all EU member states on July 1st, 2016. The legitimacy of electronic signatures does not depend on the country where the parties are located, but on the applicable law under which the contract is entered into.

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This is how the electronic signature works:

After jointly concluding the clarification of the content of an agreement, Phoenix Testlab initiates the workflow of the electronic signature via the DocuSign platform. The specified signatories of the agreement will then receive an e-mail notification and can open the documents via a link on the platform, check and then sign them in a paperless way – with one click. In addition, it is also possible to forward the document to other authorized signatories.

As soon as all signatories have signed the agreement, you will automatically receive an e-mail with

  1. the electronically signed agreement in PDF format and
  2. the DocuSign certificate of completion with information on the parties involved in the signature, authentication information and time stamps.

In addition, DocuSign offers alternatives in case you cannot sign electronically. You have the possibility to use the “Print & Sign” function. This way you can also print out documents, sign them manually and then upload a scanned copy.